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bargain alert

One Direction for sale. Kind of. Maybe.

The hottest deal in town.

THIS MIGHT BE the hottest ticket in town. A Tipperary man has put one direction up for sale.

Nope not One Direction but one direction.

That direction is North, which a Mr. Owen D. Rection (clearly a legitimate name. Clearly) notes is “much sought after and extremely valuable”.

In this DoneDeal posting, which we are sure is not a spoof at all, Owen talks us through his bargain:

This one direction is much sought after and extremely valuable. This is the first time ever that a direction has been made available for sale and it is sure to be snapped up immediately.

This particular direction is North. North is the most desirable of all the directions – it will help you to find Santa Claus, the mossy side of a tree, the northern lights and the Giant’s Causeway.

Another benefit is that North is always at the top of every map – cool!

Check out the price though, we reckon it’s a bit steep no matter what Owen says.

One Direction / Done Deal

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