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One Direction

5 things we learned from One Direction’s Irish gig

Includes Niall being confused by an Irish flag.

ONE DIRECTION PLAYED a gig in the O2 in Dublin last night, and it was pretty much what you’d expect.

They sang songs, looked attractive, and the crowd went wild.

However, there were some lessons to be gleaned from the performance.

Here are five things we learned from last night’s event…

1. Niall isn’t really sure what to do with the Irish Flag

2. Zayn can make even a cheesy tourist t-shirt look good


3. The boys may not be dancers, but they know how to get down


This rowing side to side thing appears to be a consistent element of their onstage routine.


4. Irish One Direction fans will literally stand on each other to see the lads

Laura Hutton/Photocall Ireland

5. Niall can play electric guitar


Or definitely walk around with it around his neck anyway.

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