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# pizza time
This guy got free pizza until 2016 by expertly playing off O2 and Three on Twitter
The DEFINITION of a chancer.
# brands tweeting
O2 just made the most unfortunate Twitter typo we have ever seen
“Tits importance.”
# The briefcase
Here's everything you need to know about business this week
Everyone was talking about the New Land League, public service sick days and expensive cities.
# three figures
O2 has now gone for good from Ireland - so what's the deal for all its customers?
Three bought the company last year and is now Ireland’s second-biggest mobile player.
# every move you make
British and American spies hacked company that makes Irish driving licences
Edward Snowden claims the NSA and GCHQ also targeted SIM cards used by companies including Vodafone and O2.
# Pre-order
Here's what the new iPhones will cost in Ireland
All the networks are offering them on 24-month contracts.
# what's the point
Are you sitting down? Here's what The Point is going to be called now
# Upwardly Mobile
UPC to enter mobile market next year after striking deal with Three
UPC will become a mobile operator in 2015 after it signed an MVNO agreement with Three Ireland.
# spit on me miley
Miley Cyrus spat on lots of Irish teenagers and they were DELIGHTED
People were jealous that they DIDN’T get spat on.
# matt-chew
Irish smartarse tries to troll O2 live chat, gets shut down
Don’t mess with O2. Just don’t.
# Competition
Europe isn't happy about Three trying to buy O2
Three Ireland wants to acquire O2 for €850 million, but the European Commission has raised questions about competition in the mobile phone market.
# Coverage
Three to launch its 4G service next week
The service will be available to users in Dublin, Galway, Cork, Limerick and Waterford and is expected to grow over the next few months.
# Public Order
23 arrested, one garda injured at Calvin Harris concert in Dublin's O2
Five people were arrested over drugs offences, and two O2 staff were injured during public order incidents.
# holidays are comin'
9 Irish Christmas ads that will hit you right in the feelings
I dunno, it seems VEERRRY unorthodox.
# Checklist
What you should consider before buying a smartphone
Because getting the right deal is just as important as the smartphone you pick.
# steo
Boyzone's emotional tribute to Stephen Gately... by drinking wine at Dublin gig
They poured themselves a drink on stage and told some stories.
'Totes amazeballs... I'm not saying that': BOD fights the good fight in new ad
“Cray cray,” “awesometacular,” and “smex” are also off the table.
# data connection
Watch: Meteor to roll out its 4G service today, but just how fast is it? got a quick trial of the technology’s speeds. See how we got on…
7 shopping experiences you'll only have in Ireland
Ireland is a pretty unique place for small businesses, all things considered.
# havin' the twaic
9 corporate Twitter accounts that aren't afraid of the craic
Two of them have even engaged in a rap battle. On Twitter. A Twattle, if you will.
Aaron McKenna: Thanks to the government, internet censorship is alive and well
Ireland has bent over backwards to accommodate the wishes of copyright holders by blocking file-sharing websites – but there isn’t as much effort put into the voluntary blocking of child porn, such as exists in the UK or Norway, writes Aaron McKenna.
# Irish SOPA
Bruton insists 'Pirate Bay' ruling will not mean bans on legal content
The enterprise minister says the rights of legal internet users are taken into account before any website can be blocked.
# phone life
The 7 things you never thought you'd need your phone for (but can't live without)
It is a miracle we got anything doing before phones really.
# Mobile Phones
Three buys O2 and will now control 40 per cent of Ireland's mobile market
The deal has been announced by the Telefonica, the parent company of O2 Ireland, this morning.
# Piracy
High Court orders six Irish internet providers to block The Pirate Bay
UPC, Imagine, Digiweb, Vodafone, Three and O2 have been given 30 days to block users’ access to the piracy website.
# macklewho?
Who are Macklemore and Ryan Lewis and how are they selling out two nights at the O2?
Lads, they have a song called Irish Celebration.
Beyoncé reacts to Irish tweets about her gigs at the weekend*
*Ok, this is how we’d imagine she’d react.
# queen bee
Beyoncé asks Irish fans to bring old clothes to gig
Now why would that be?
# bogus delivery
PSNI warn of mobile phone delivery scam
The scam involves mobile phones being delivered to an incorrect address by a legitimate company, before a bogus delivery person attempts to collect them.
# Jinxed
Curse of the O2 Irish Rugby advert
Every Ireland player featured in the mobile phone company’s advertisement met with adversity in the Six Nations.
# One Direction
5 things we learned from One Direction’s Irish gig
Includes Niall being confused by an Irish flag.
# freebird
The 9 most annoying people at a gig
Oh you know all the words? Well done!
# world of celebs
The Dredge: If you pass by the O2 in Dublin, these girls are camping outside
Justin Bieber’s in town y’all. That, and all the rest of the celebrity dirt.
# Rumours
Stop everything again! Fleetwood Mac are coming to Dublin
Fleetwood Mac are kicking off their European tour in Dublin in September.
# TV Break
VIDEO: The new O2 Rugby ad -- starring Jonny Sexton -- is spectacular
Beckham’s gonna be sooooo jealous when he sees this.
Cork bide time in search for sponsor
The Rebels are still on the lookout for a sponsor after their 15-year association with O2 has drawn to a close.
# green team
'Best crowd EVER' - Ed Sheeran dons Ireland jersey for O2 gig
Has anyone ever seen Ed and Paul McShane in the same place?
# The Internet
How fast are Irish internet service providers? Here's what Netflix says
The online movie and TV series streaming service has published data on Irish ISPs and how they rank according to streaming speeds for Netflix content.
# dog days
No fighting at the Florence and the Machine gig in Dublin tonight !
Or else she’ll stop the show and give out to you…
# Data Protection
O2 admits to loss of tape which could have customers’ personal data
The mobile phone company, which has 1.6 million customers in Ireland, says there is a “low risk to customer data privacy” and says the tape is likely to be still in an O2 building.