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A man with no vision in one eye adopted a one-eyed puppy and everyone is in love

“When my kids saw him they told me he was blind in one eye, just like I was.”

THE STORY OF American man Jordan Trent and his adorable dog has taken the internet by storm this week.

On Monday night, his sister uploaded a photo to Imgur that said:

“My brother, who only has vision in one eye, bought a dog that was only born with one eye that no one else wanted.”

jordan Source: Imgur

And their adorable story took off from there.

The little pup has been named Shiner Solo Trent, and it was Jordan’s two kids that spotted him when they were out and about over the weekend:

When my kids saw him they told me he was blind in one eye, just like I was.

So, once that one image went viral, TV stations wanted to interview the family about their latest addition

jordan2 Source: Fox7

Jordan told Buzzfeed that he just couldn’t resist the little guy – given his condition:

I wasn’t in the marketplace for a dog, but I looked at him and of course he was the cutest dog ever.
No one wanted him, which was perfect.

Jordan lost the sight in his left eye following a gardening accident when he was 15, as his sister recounted on Reddit.

So, with both of them having sight problems with their left eye, they were the perfect match

jordantrent Source: Jordan Trent


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