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Meet the one-legged lad from Finglas who raps about having one leg

“I’m limping my way to success,” says Jamie Jay Car.

MEET JAMIE CARNEY, aka Jamie Jay Car. He’s an aspiring comedian in Finglas.

Jamie has one leg.

And he’s made a rap video about it.

It’s called #OneLeggedRapper. And the unusual comedy video – which features Jamie rapping about “limping his way to success” – is now making its way across the internet.

“A lot of people have shared it,” he told DailyEdge.ie. “I’ve been contacted by newspapers.” He’s hoping the video will go viral.

Although reaction has been largely positive, some people have questioned the appropriateness of making light of his disability.

I’ve seen posts on Facebook saying “What the F is this?” I think some people here are kind of closed minded. They think ‘Why should that fella make a show of himself?’ But I think it’s my right to be who I am, in the same way as an able-bodied person would.”

And how did he lose the leg? Well, Jamie was born without it. But he’s pretty upbeat about the situation.

What I always say is, I’d rather be born without a leg than without my penis. I consider myself lucky.


Source: JamieJayCar .Videos

You can see more videos from Jamie at his YouTube channel here, and follow him on Facebook here.

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