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11 times online dating was just the worst


ONLINE DATING IS often serious craic, and has led to countless epic modern day romances.

But there are times when it is simply the WORST. Like:

1. When things escalated quickly

online1 Source: hell-is-okcupidTumblr

Not OK Cupid.

2. When this guy couldn’t even get that awful Dublin joke right

dublin Source: Tumblr

3. When this person used the plot of Titanic as a bargaining tool

titanic Source: Instagram

4. And when penis gags are the worst thing ever

flashboy Source: Imgur

5. In fact, any mention of it is just bad

burnvictim Source: Imgur


6. Anything can be sexy in the world of internet dating though

eyes Source: Imgur

Nice opening line.

7. Chat history is always there as a reminder of you blanking them

tindernightmares Source: Instagram

8. This charming wordplay is always a winner too

online2 Source: Imgur

9. And the cream of the crop will always let you know that’s what they are

modeling Source: Imgur

Ah, modesty.

10. This opening line

onkline Source: Imgur

11. And when all else fails, a one word request will do apparently

denied Source: Imgur

These people need their passes to the internet revoked for a little while. For the good of the world.

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