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# i saw the sign
11 signs that could only exist in Ireland
Ah Ireland.

THESE JUST WOULDN’T work anywhere else…

A sliotar sale

Spotted in Swords, just in case you didn't know what they are for.. Niamh Murphy via Imgur Niamh Murphy via Imgur

This Gaeilge fail

And this one

rox1 roxcursed roxcursed


This to-the-point housing estate missive

A sign in a Park in Bray, Co Wicklow, Ireland Imgur Imgur

This hospital lament

screen Elisha Reilly Elisha Reilly

Ode on an Irish door handle

Ye olde immersion

Oh St Patrick, show us the way

Cathering for craythurs

cathered @IrishArtHistory @IrishArtHistory

Cash only

And of course, this old favourite

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