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Meet Oskar, the adorable blind cat

Simply adorable.

IT’S NOT EASY being a cat, never-mind being a blind one.

Little Oskar was born without fully formed eyes, but luckily for the smart kitty, every other sense is extra strong.

Owner Mick Szydlowski, or Mick12321kciM, established a YouTube channel to document his moments of discovery with sidekick Klaus, that has since recieved over 10 million views.

Oskar was even the proud winner of the Greatest Cat video of 2012 at The Friskies, a cat-video themed awards show. We can only imagine the diligent, hard work that goes into picking the finalists.

Here are a few highlights:

Kitten Oskar plays with his first toy, a ball with bells in it

Source: Oskar & Klaus

Despite being blind, he can navigate a tunnel better than you

Source: Oskar & Klaus

Or wrestle a hair-dryer

Source: Oskar & Klaus

If he’s really hungry, you’ll know all about it

Source: Oskar & Klaus

Hold on, opening a door? Some sighted humans can’t even do that

Source: Oskar & Klaus

1302863950_police-door-opening-fail Source: Gifbin

You can watch Oskar and Klaus’ other adventures over on their YouTube channel.

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