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16 thoughts everyone has while packing for summer holidays

Can’t someone else do it for us?

PACKING A SUITCASE is a necessary evil that can make even going on holiday seem like a monumental effort.

And though we think we’ve learned exactly how to go about it after each suitcase is safely zipped up and checked in, we instantly forget the next time we’re faced with an empty bag.

The luggage struggle is real.

0 mins: OK, 20 kg baggage allowance. I can do this.

*lays clothing out on bed* Sure there’s nothing here, I’ll have no bother.

packingcat Source: Flickr/Brittany Rudolph

3 mins: Four pairs of shoes for the week. Too many? NAH! In they go.

5 mins: *piles in t-shirts, shorts, sun creams, sandals*


10 mins: There, look! Done already.

It’s looking a bit full, but surely I can close it…

12 mins: 

vfullsuitcase2 Source: Shutterstock

15 mins:

vfullsuitcase Source: Shutterstock

17 mins: *spends five minutes puzzling over which t-shirt/dress/shoes to leave at home*

22 mins: None of these things can be left at home.

Cluelesscher Source: Houseofmodernvintage.com

25 mins: There must be a better way.

I’m starting again and everything is getting ROLLED UP.

28 mins: *rolls*


*wonders how to roll short shorts*

40 mins: Finished! Time to close this baby up.


44 mins: 

miss-j Source: BlogSpot

I forgot underwear.

46 mins: WHY IS THIS SO HARD *sobs for eternity*

48 mins: I must remove something. I have to, or else I won’t be able to fit in underwear.

Do I really need underwear?

giphy Source: Giphy

Goodbye floral summer dress, I hardly knew ye.

55 mins: The smooth sound of a zip safely closing all the way round a fully packed suitcase. Music to my ears.

56 mins: *feeling of having forgotten something begins, does not cease until take-off*

giphy Source: Giphy

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