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Parents are posting pictures of their kids' 'poo faces' online, and it's hilariously gross

If you’re happy in your nappy clap your hands…

YOU’VE SEEN PAMPERS’ newest ad for their nappies, featuring a few gurning, gurgling, pooping babies, haven’t you?

Source: Pampers UK & Ireland/YouTube

Based on the ad, Pampers is asking parents to share their own offspring’s ‘poo face’ online, using the hashtag #PampersPooface.

The prize for the best ones? A year’s supply of baby wipes, naturally.

The entries so far have been, err, interesting. And a little gross. But also hilarious.

Rosie Guyan - Rosie Guyan's Photos | Facebook Source: Facebook/Pampers UK

Ellie Charlotte - Ellie Charlotte's Photos | Facebook Source: Facebook/Pampers UK

Jo Miller - Jo Miller's Photos | Facebook Source: Facebook/Pampers UK

Jeannie Benson - Jeannie Benson's Photos | Facebook Source: Facebook/Pampers UK

Parents are getting quite the kick out of sharing the photos, of course, – but all the childless people of the world are currently thinking the same thing: “WHAT THE ACTUAL F**K?”

Ah, dearest little ones. Just wait until your 21st birthday, when good old mam brings out your winning poo face photo to show all of your new friends from university.

Won’t the free baby wipes have been worth it then? Won’t they?

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