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11 people who failed at Pancake Tuesday

Pancakes. Deliciously tricky to master.

GOD BE WITH the days when a simple, traditional pancake with sugar and lemon juice was enough on Pancake Tuesday. Nowadays, if it doesn’t have at least three toppings and come in a variety of impossible shapes, we don’t want to hear about it.

But as you’re making your fancy pancakes, please keep these poor souls in mind. They tried to be creative with their offerings, and failed utterly.

1. This pancake with an exceedingly creepy face

craftfail-pancake Source: Craft Fail

That pecan nut mouth looks far too much like real lips. :(

2. This pancake, which was supposed to be in the shape of a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

Friend-of-mine-made-a-ninja-turtle-pancake-for-her-son...then-quickly-removed-it-once-comments-started-rolling-in Source: Lolzbook


3. This unfortunate-looking cinnamon pancake

cinnamonpancake Source: Pinterest


4. This chilling attempt an an Easter Bunny pancake

pinterestfail034 Source: Pinterest Fail

Those banana-blueberry eyes, staring into your very soul.

5. This stomach-churning experiment with food colouring

slide_317381_2919267_free Source: Huffington Post

Just no.

6. This disappointing ode to Mickey Mouse

mickeypancake Source: TakeLessons.com

7. This X-rated version of the innocent bacon pancake

pinterest-fail-bacon-pancakes Source: Pinterest Fails

An example of what could happen if you try this bacon pancake recipe. Smutty.

8. This alarming pancake portrait of Tinkerbell

tinkerbellpancake Source: Distractify

Absolutely nailed it.

9. This rainbow stack, or ‘More Adventures in Food Colouring’

rainbowpancakes Source: Pinterest

We will NOT taste the rainbow, thank you very much.

10. This interesting shot at pancake art

6654afe7863db877d0055dec155c7cb6 Source: Pinterest

Breakfast, with a side of terror.

11. And these Star Wars-inspired pancakes, gone horribly wrong

starwarspancakes Source: HealthyWayToCook

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