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A TV show convinced Paris Hilton she was going to die in a terrifying plane crash prank

Too far.

philton Source: YouTube

WARNING: IF YOU’RE scared of flying, this video will do little to assuage your fears.

Paris Hilton recently appeared on the Egyptian prank show Ramez in Control and was subjected to a rather terrifying prank.

In the episode, Egyptian comic Ramez G invited Hilton aboard his plane for an impromptu aerial tour of Dubai. Once on the plane, the pilot began performing stunts to make it seem like the plane was going down.

A petrified Hilton can be seen screaming “No!” and crying.

It’s genuinely terrifying.

Source: 9news news/YouTube

When the plane landed safely, Ramez Galal informed the socialite that it was all just an elaborate prank and she was reportedly not pleased, saying, “That’s been my biggest fear my whole life, dying in a plane.”

Hilton reiterated the sentiments yesterday when she said that she “really believed” they were all going to die.

Too far, guys. Too far.

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