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Somebody has perfectly parodied THAT viral Coke infographic

This time, it’s kale juice.

IT’S STILL DOING the rounds on the internet and we’re just about done.

A Coke infographic went insanely viral last week, claiming to tell you what a can of Coca Cola does to your body an hour after drinking it.

coke1hr3-500x500 Source: The Renegade Pharmacist

The infographic, made by the Renegade Pharmacist, was found to have some inaccuracies. But some smartass has made a kale juice infographic and it sounds pretty legit to us.

pMx51sC Source: Imgur

Redditor enigmasaurus posted the image yesterday, made by the Competitive Enterprise Institute, which suggests the main side-effects are extreme smug satisfaction and self-righteousness.



All factual, don’t fight it.

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