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Fitness bracelet gives you a shock and takes your money if you don't work out

Is this better than a kick up the hole?

Image: Pavlok.com

WERE YOU SUPPOSED to go to the gym this morning, but didn’t?

Did you promise yourself you’d go for a run/walk/cycle last night, but you watched Shed of the Year instead?

Well maybe this is for you then.

The Pavlock Band  compels you to do exercise and gives you an actual electric shock if you slack off.

The bracelet (and an accompanying app) works on the premise that it promotes a change in behaviour. It allows you to set goals and gives you rewards if you achieve those goals.

Miss out on a training session though and it will post your failures to your social media accounts and vibrate to give you a little reminder shock using “real voltage”.



The (rather intense) ad also warns that:

If you fail, Pavlok will give your money away.

It also acknowledges that:

Sure, it might sounds crazy to involve electricity. But sometimes crazy works.

We’ll say.

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