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New restaurant lets customers pay by Instagramming their meals

The “pay-by-picture” restaurant rewards you if you upload photos – and it’s all part of a marketing campaign.

A SERIES OF NEW pop-up restaurants in the UK is letting diners pay by Instagramming their dinners.

The Picture House restaurants in London, Manchester and Leeds want customers to keep their phones on the tables – and are offering free food as a reward to anyone who uploads pictures of it.

It’s all part of a giant marketing effort by frozen food giant Birds Eye, whose products are on offer in the three outlets. In fairness though, it looks a bit better than your average freezer dinner:

Source: heavysound

Source: heavysound

Diners can avail of the “Pay By Picture” option. Their waiter verifies that they have indeed posted a photo with the appropriate hashtags, and they get this rather attractive receipt:

Source: kellyrosebradford

Not sure about that bottle of wine though.

Source: kellyrosebradford

Birds Eye have even brought a food photographer, Marte Marie Forsberg, on board to help people Instagram their meals in the most attractive way possible.

It’s a smart marketing effort, but as the Daily Dot points out it can only last so long. (After a while, you’re just giving away free food.)

Food companies are searching for new ways to generate buzz on social media.

Just last week, Lidl Ireland set up a pop-up restaurant in Dublin’s Temple Bar and encouraged diners to tweet about it – but only revealed on the final day that all the products served had been from Lidl.

via Daily Dot

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