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'High heels for babies' are now a depressing reality and people are not happy at all

Their poor little footsies!


11-550x415 Source: Pee Wee Pumps


A US footwear company that manufactures and sells high heels for babies has attracted the ire of the internet.

Yes, you read correctly: high heels for babies.

Pee Wee Pumps is the brainchild of Michele Holbrook, who came up with the idea after she was unable to find suitable “crib heels” for her baby daughter. After two years, she successfully developed a shoe with a collapsible heel that stayed on her baby’s foot et voilà. 

The company describes its shoes as “your daughter’s first fashion statement” and “like mom’s favorite pair of pumps only in a miniature size”.

It currently has six products for sale on the site, including the Diva and the Glamorous.

divaglam Source: Pee Wee Pumps

As one might expect, the product hasn’t gone down well with everyone with many describing the shoe as inappropriate and unnecessarily adult for babies, and questioning the marketing.

Others, meanwhile, have pointed out that, as the heel is collapsible and intended for babies who aren’t yet walking, it’s all just a bit of harmless fun.

Personally, we think booties trump heels any day, but hey.

bootie Source: Flickr

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