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10 things to remind you that people are actually generous

Forget about this Budget day doom and gloom, and remember why you have faith in humanity.

IT CAN BE hard to remember on a day like today that life is not all doom and gloom, and that in fact people are often quite generous.

So, we though to give you a break from all the budget chat, we’d show you some people at their most generous.

These guys tipping waiters and waitresses $200

Source: LAHWF

The people who helped this woman when she fell off her bike

2007_08_28thankyousign Source: Torontoist

The sick kid who sent a toy to his new friend



This person who bought a stranger some new tyres

YA8aLoG Source: Imgur

Zach Galifianakis’ friendship with Mimi

Source: MrFherchat

 This kid at a baseball game

Source: ABCNews

This kid who used his letter to Santa to ask for kindness for his sister

article-2423013-1BDDB3E6000005DC-561_634x932-600x400 Source: Elite Daily


The person who found this guy’s wallet in NYC

w1JFfUU Source: Imgur

 The guy who faked out the parking people

download Source: Cheezburger

The guys who helped Fred make a song for his sweet Lorraine

Source: Green Shoe Studio

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