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brow pains

10 images that perfectly sum up the make-up struggle

It’s a struggle.

NO JUDGEMENT HERE. We’ve all been in this situation. CRY.

1. Things don’t go on as well as they do in the tutorials

CT49wDiUYAA2LSP MalikaGodt MalikaGodt

2. It’s all about maintaining all that effort

Lol never fails. #dontblink #dontsneeze #ohshit #makeupfail #always #fuckitup #hashtag #smangit #smashandbang brookeashleybusch brookeashleybusch

3. But it’s just so tough

mennnakhaled mennnakhaled

4. And it’s SO MUCH EFFORT

#makeupproblems #makeupfail #makeupjunkie daisyriosmakeup daisyriosmakeup

5. You have a constant fear that people are looking at you like this

Seriously jenben_1990 jenben_1990

6. Sometimes you feel like packing it all in

I don't know who made this but it's so funny!!! I love both!!! badhabitcosmetics badhabitcosmetics

7. Makeup is tough

Hahaha!!!#contouringisnoteasy#makeupfail jea_castill0 jea_castill0

8. It doesn’t go to plan for you… ever

Lol really?! nayeli10813 nayeli10813

9. It’s not you, it’s your damn argumentative eyebrows

Yup til_death_darling til_death_darling

10. :’( It’s OK, we’re all in this together

miss_ramirez22 miss_ramirez22

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