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13 things you'll know if you LOVE going to bed early


1. First of all, you loooooove sleep

Love it. Can’t get enough of it.

rK7qRbE Source: Imgur

2. And you get super cranky if you don’t get your eight hours kip

You in work after six hours sleep:

giphy (1) Source: Giphy

3. You actually get a little kick out when you’re going to bed and you see it’s before 10.30pm

So much sleep awaits me! What a thrill.

giphy (2) Source: ruinedchildhood

4. You recoil in horror when friends and colleagues tell you about staying up until the wee hours

“But how are you not dead to the world?

giphy (6) Source: harlequinnade/Tumblr

5. Because you can barely make it through drinks in the pub without yawning up in people’s faces

“Is anyone else sleepy? Just me?”

giphy (3) Source: allhilton/Tumblr

6. In fact, you’re regularly the first person to leave a night out purely for the reason that you can’t keep your eyes open anymore

I’m out, guys. I’m sorry.

giphy (4) Source: Giphy

7. When people ask you things like, “Are you staying up to watch the Conor McGregor match?” you’re like…

giphy (5) Source: Giphy

8. If there’s any ~world drama ~ after 10pm, you almost always miss it

Go to bed: Britain still in the EU

Wake up: They what?

giphy (10) Source: Giphy

9. And if you for midweek pints, you really do just stay out for the one

Because you drop the “It’s waaaay past my bedtime” line.

giphy (12) Source: Logo

10. You were always the first to conk out at sleepovers as a kid

giphy (7) Source: Giphy

11. And the idea of going to a festival where you (a) have to stay up late and (b) sleep outside fills you with fear

*whispers* What if I’m not hardcore enough?

giphy (8) Source: gifmania

12. Everyone always takes the piss out of you for having the sleep schedule of a toddler

giphy (9) Source: Giphy

13. But you don’t care because you know they’re just jealous of you and all the sweet, sweet sleep

Sleep tight, haters.

giphy (11) Source: Giphy

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