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# why you lying
This guy's Vine about people lying has turned into an unstoppable meme
Internet, you’ve done it again.

HIS NAME IS Nicholas Fraser and five days ago he inadvertently started a phenomenon.

He put up a Vine of him singing the words “why you always lying?” over ’90s R&B hit Too Close by Next. It’s been looped 12 million times since, and it’s insanely catchy (with a little NSFW language thrown in too):

He initially put it up on his Instagram page, to rip on his friends that are always lying to him.

The full version looks and sounds like this:

FUTUR3xHITTx_ / YouTube

Since then, it has become a proper internet phenomenon with people tweeting the videos along with obvious lies attached

Just so Nicholas can tear the lie apart with his song.

Like, that the Vine isn’t even funny

Yeah, right. Why you always lying?

Everyone who has listened to it so far thinks it’s gas

It’s so addictive


Then, things got taken to the next level when Chris Brown and P Diddy both shared the clip on their Instagrams

pdddi Instagram Instagram

Wiz Khalifa then tweeted out another bit of it, and that blew up

So it could grow and grow from here.

We don’t even think it’s catchy:

Nicholas Fraser / Vine

hat-tip: Buzzfeed

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