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10 people who completely owned Halloween

It’s the most wonderful tiiiiiiime of the yeeeearr…

YOU WOULD DEFINITELY sprint past these houses if you saw them on your walk home. Don’t lie.

The girl who transformed her parents’ house into a monster

KbwPb6Y Source: Imgur

L6xNLxH Source: Imgur

See a bit of her process here.

The house that has a whole Halloween light show

Source: KJ92508/YouTube

Hate to be their neighbours though.

This clever but effective bit of decorating

d47e86277e3bf34a07fcaa12b97be0d8 Source: Pinterest

This completely over the top display

980x Source: RBL

Yes, that’s a whole pirate ship casually poking out of the house.

This brilliant Walking Dead-themed set up

aaOU7wJ Source: Imgur

When you see it…

Js9Fc0u Source: Imgur

This house very much inspired by The Simpsons’ Treehouse of Horror episodes

pGQ8m Source: Imgur

This casual pumpkin giant

tumblr_mu7zn8t3w01sjlpl2o1_500 Source: Tumblr/Ryan Bray

This spider-infested nightmare

lifebuzz-5a4da01287a52fb91ef0d331838ece3d-limit_2000 Source: Lifebuzz

We can feel them on us :(

And this temporary crypt

980x Source: Rbl

Can you make it through these pet costumes without squealing>

This guy planted some excellent fake Halloween costume signs in a shop>

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