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11 people who found their flow at the crucial moment

Not all heroes wear capes.

WE ALL GET into sticky situations from time to time.

It’s how you react that counts.

Today, we salute the moments when people snatched victory from the jaws of utter scarlet-for-your-ma-for-having-ya.

1. When this international gymnast accidentally invented a new move mid-fall

Source: Imgur

2. When this man casually took a phone call during a bike race

Source: blooper dudes XC/YouTube

3. When this contestant on Ru Paul’s Drag Race discovered an incredible new way to fall over

Source: Dragofficial

4. When this kid just deserved some kind of medal for smoothness. No discussion.

Source: Samuel C/YouTube

5. When this man suddenly found he could activate Dad Mode

6. When this gal struck a smooth leaning pose against the wall

Source: Imgur

7. When this young lad got a terrible scare, and invented a new way to recover


8. When this skateboarder accidentally became the greatest skateboarder on earth


9. When this man discovered he was actually a top chef


10. When this dad used magnificent reflexes to save his own birthday party

Source: Imgur

11. And when this little kid executed a killer move… and ALMOST kept it together afterwards

Watch til the end.

Source: Kyoot Kids/YouTube

We salute all those who found their flow today.

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