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Dublin: 8 °C Monday 27 March, 2017

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An examination of the curious memes created by Johnny, the HSE's Think Contraception mascot

“Who needs #saltbae when you have #condombae?” Who indeed.

Saturday 25 March, 2017

7 strangely relaxing Instagram accounts that will soothe your tired brain

We can’t explain why it works. We just know it does.

Arnold Schwarzenegger completely shut down a fan who slagged the Special Olympics

“Right now, I guarantee you that these athletes have more of every positive human quality than you.”

Friday 24 March, 2017

22 times North West Kardashian dressed better than me

The world’s most glam tot.

Carol's story of coming out after #marref was the loveliest moment on First Dates lreland

“For the first time I realised it’s OK to be gay in Ireland. People are behind you.”

Thursday 23 March, 2017

Wednesday 22 March, 2017

You can now get these glorious Buckfast Easter Eggs in Ireland

Because nothing says ‘Easter’ like it.

Tuesday 21 March, 2017

A cat was saved from the Liffey by the fire brigade and there were wonderful scenes

He didn’t even use up one of his nine lives.

7 questions we have about that absolutely ridiculous VIPoo ad

Firstly, how dare you? And secondly, how DARE you?

The groom on Don't Tell The Bride dyed the wedding dress blue and made everyone VERY nervous

He did it in a big pot in his house. SCREAM!

Monday 20 March, 2017

A complete rundown of the weird ways celebrities wished us a happy St Patrick's Day

Sunday 19 March, 2017

Saturday 18 March, 2017

People are taking the piss out of this house for sale on Daft and its 'quirky decor'

“Decorating your house like this is a real power move until you have to sell it for the asking price”

Friday 17 March, 2017

Someone set up a Facebook event for a session in the Dáil because all the politicians are away

“With Enda off to the Schtates to hang with Donny, Dail’s free for a Paddy’s weekend sesh.”

Thursday 16 March, 2017

10 class Irish movies to watch on Netflix this Paddy's Day weekend

For those not on the session.

What's the story with that weird 'Irish proverb' Donald Trump just read out? An investigation

“Always remember to forget the friends that proved untrue.” What?

Spotify has created a Throwback Thursday playlist for Paddy's Day and it's full of Irish bangers

Finally, the world can hear some proper old school Irish cheese this week.

Wednesday 15 March, 2017

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