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16 people who really, really need a pick-me-up

Some days, things just don’t work out.

SOME DAYS GO wrong in the most unexpected ways. Some days, you just don’t get it right. Like these poor people, who were left needing a little something to give them a lift.

1. This person who tried to build a chair from IKEA

Source: Imgur

2. This paintball fan

3. This home tattoo enthusiast

Source: Imgur

4. These expert washing machine movers

Source: Imgur

5. This girl who just learned a life lesson

Source: Facebook

6. This dad who picked up a romantic Valentine’s Day gift

Tweet by @megan Source: megan/Twitter

7. This athlete going in for a high five on camera

8. Everyone involved in this wedding photo

Source: Imgur

9. This smoooooooth supermarket worker

Source: Imgur

10. This kid who just learned the cruel reality of Giant Jenga

11. This blonde birthday girl

Tweet by @emily Source: emily/Twitter

12. Sarah

13. This guy who left his swimming pool filling overnight

Source: Imgur

14. The owner of this tattoo that gets more wrong the more you look at it

Source: Imgur

15. This ambitious free runner

Source: Imgur

16. And this guy.

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