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8 people who ruin your day

They’re lurking round every corner, in every lift, at every checkout.

Fish In The Microwave Lady

She has some leftover Donegal Catch she plans on enjoying at her desk. Please, allow her to ensure its delicious scent permeates the entire office, and your clothes, and your soul.

fish Source: Passive Aggressive Notes

I’m Calling From Your Bank With A Survey Man

Why do they always ring at 3.17pm? When you are genuinely busy at work and have to do that embarrassed half walk/half run out of the office furiously whispering that it’s “NOT A GOOD TIME”.

They’ll threaten to ring you back, and mark our word, they will ring you back.

Ari-Gold-Anger-Throws-Phone-Against-Wall-Entourage Source: Gifrific

Awkward Lift Woman

You almost made it into the lift on your own, free to examine yourself in the mirror and check your phone four times, forgetting each time that you are out of coverage. Bliss.

But then Awkward Lift Woman catches the door at the last minute, forcing you to endure six excruciating floors of small talk and forced smiles.


Not Moving Down The Bus Lad

Hassled commuters are bunched up near the doors and he’s lounging at the bottom of the stairs, inviting death stares.

Not Letting You Into The Lane Girl

We’ve all been there. Three lanes suddenly turn to two, and we’re all expected to merge like adults.

Not Letting You Into The Lane Girl doesn’t get it though. She thinks you’re cutting in, not merging. Somehow you’re getting the better of her and she’s not happy about her.

as someone who drives a lot, this is perfect. - Imgur Source: Imgur

Cutting In Man



Self Service Checkout Lady

There are unexpected items in her bagging area, she’s struggling to find the barcode on her box of cornflakes, and she hasn’t even considered taking her wallet out before it’s time to pay.

How dare she not shove everything into her bag in a panic, breaking her eggs and dropping all of her change in the process.

Trying to buy a packet of gum at a self service checkout - Imgur Source: Imgur

Door Knocking Politician/Salesman Types

You’ve just settled down to enjoy your chops and spuds in front of Six One and KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK.

It’s 100% okay if you hide behind the curtains until they’re gone. No judgement here.

curtain Source: Shutterstock.com

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