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People with symmetrical faces are 'more beautiful and healthy'

And they’re less likely to seek help from others and are more self-sufficient.

The rather symmetrical face of Brad Pitt
The rather symmetrical face of Brad Pitt
Image: Joel Ryan/AP/Press Association Images

BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE WITH symmetrical faces are more self-sufficient than others, a new study shows.

According to Bioscholar, a team from Edinburgh University analysed 15 facial ‘landmarks’ on 292 people aged 83 years of age.

These landmarks included the position of ears, nose, mouth and eyes and enabled them to compare the symmetry of the face.

Those who had symmetrical faces tended to be healthier and more attractive, and have less of an incentive to seek help from others.

The same study, says the Telegraph, shows that our childhoods are written on our faces, and people with asymmetric faces tend to have more deprived childhoods.

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