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10 people you meet on every Irish dancefloor

Which one are you?

 1. The person that takes it way too far during Proud Mary

giphy (19) BIG WHEEL KEEP ON TURNING Gifbay Gifbay

There’s one in every nightclub – the person that loses all spatial awareness and proceeds go buckwild once they hear the words “Left a good job in the city…”

2.  The girl who dances sexily to EVERYTHING

giphy (11) michaelabergerova / Tumblr michaelabergerova / Tumblr / Tumblr

This girl will stick her arm up in the air and sort of shimmy regardless of what music is playing in the club.

Ed Sheeran? Sexy dance. Bluegrass? Sexy dance. Where’s Me Jumper? Sexy dance.

3. The girl who insists on doing the full routine to Single Ladies and will not be stopped

giphy (13) Giphy Giphy

From the march to winding the hips, this gal is going to show you how good she is at learning choreography if it kills her.

So much focus, so much resolve.

4. And the one guy that tries to be a gas ticket and join in

giphy (10) thebitchdothcometh / Tumblr thebitchdothcometh / Tumblr / Tumblr

*death stare*

5. The guy who sneakily tries to lift girls up

giphy (12) originalmotionpicturesoundtrack / Tumblr originalmotionpicturesoundtrack / Tumblr / Tumblr


6. The couple who sort of jive to every song, regardless of whether the music is jive appropriate

giphy (13) danceonfox danceonfox

Ah yes, jiving couple. Spotted on every dancefloor and also at every Irish wedding ever.

These two will jive and, if they’ve had one too many sherries, the gentleman may attempt to dip the lady.

Lord help us.

7. The earnest indie lads who stand on the outskirts of the dancefloor until 1.45am

At which point they finally pluck up the courage to express themselves* to Song 2 by Blur.

* = Flail madly

giphy (15) Giphy Giphy

8. The guy who tries and fails to do the worm

giphy (14) GIFBay GIFBay

I can do the worm!

*gets on the ground and makes mild thrusting movement*

9. The people who just sort of stamp on the ground

stamponthegroundedit2 Photobucket Photobucket

Usually while hunched over and clapping to whatever song is playing, be it Joe Dolan or David Guetta.

10. And, of course, the person who tries to get all Lord of the Dance on everyone

If you’re that person who tries to initiate a céilí or feis in the middle of club, we have two words for you: check yourself.

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