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the big shop

12 people you're bound to see while doing the Big Shop

You either see these people, or you ARE these people.

1. The baby, sitting in their trolley seat, happily eating ham from the packet

BmUhBZMCEAASvoq Twitter / @MuttsAndHounds Twitter / @MuttsAndHounds / @MuttsAndHounds

If only it were acceptable for grown adults to be pushed around a supermarket while gorging on ham. If only.

2. The people who park their trolley across the middle of the aisle

Just get out.

3. The person who goes into a daze and fails to realise they’re at the top of the till queue

qqy4YwP Imgur Imgur

“Next there, please. Next there, please. NEXT. THERE. PLEASE.”

4. The person who completely over-estimated how many things they can carry in their arms

home-alone-grocery-bag Kqed Kqed

You can almost see them, in your mind’s eye, confidently strolling past the trolleys and baskets on their way in. Bet they regret that now.

5. The old college friend/colleague/friend of a friend you’ll awkwardly meet in each aisle

345913295d626dfa08df19d52af6abfe Giphy Giphy

After how many aisle-meetings is it acceptable to pretend you’re simply too engrossed in shopping to say hi?

6. Someone with a sheaf of coupons the staff need 27 rounds of clearance to put through

Day 12 #100happydays must be getting old got excited by #tescocoupons Instagram / aliciawoods27 Instagram / aliciawoods27 / aliciawoods27

Enjoying your lovely savings there, are you? *fumes*

7. The person with the bag full of Bags For Life

COJOz_5W8AI33uJ Twitter / @tnttoon Twitter / @tnttoon / @tnttoon

And you after forgetting yours. Again.

8. The parent at the very, very end of their tether

Supernanny / YouTube

And several people openly staring them (and their noisy children) out of it.

9. The person chancing a massive trolley in the ‘five items or fewer’ line

I sometimes think I #buy #toomuch #fulltrolley #food #groceries #tesco #payday #project365 #day137 Instagram / babystorm85 Instagram / babystorm85 / babystorm85


10. Young people absolutely fuming about getting ID’ed

11. Older people actually quite smug that they got ID’ed

They’ll definitely make some delighted quip to the cashier.

12. Someone wrestling with a dodgy shopping trolley

And apologising to everyone it runs into. “SORRY SORRY SORRY!”

shoppingtrolley Instagram / pan88k Instagram / pan88k / pan88k

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