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19 pets who just want to be like their humans

The uprising is near.

KITTY SEE, KITTY do. For better or for worse.

1. Hurr durr, I’m a human

u1U9dIi Source: Imgur

2. OK that’s enough

LXCBsEd Source: Imgur

3. This little guy chillin’ in the pool

qqTOtwc Source: Imgur

4. This bunny doing the big shop

BPts2Lf Source: Imgur

5. This lil piggy who is perfectly capable of bathing itself

3N1wxbq Source: Imgur

rKiYJkm Source: Imgur

6. Sup

jofTZ4b Source: Imgur

7. “You’re home early”

Cat-memes-this-cat-hates-Halloween-377x700 Source: Funnymemes



9. “A little more milk, I’d say”

Cooking Cat_cropped Source: The Cute Cooking Cat

10. This cat that almost immediately regrets that cuddle. SO us

foRAfqN Source: Imgur

11. This cat that just wants a staring competition

lpnDg4l Source: Imgur

12. Another day, another dolla


13. Same

R3ftxKt Source: Imgur

14. He’s more of a stay-at-home dog

9JfM7ES Source: Imgur

15. Anything YOU CAN DO

bjHNAXc Source: Imgur

16.Eat from the floor? No

NeMQeYv Source: Imgur

17. “This is how you sit, isn’t it?”

j8PBAXu Source: Imgur

18. [Listens to music, pretends he's in a movie]

inLtfzO Source: Imgur

19. See ya, have to do the messages


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