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Donegal Is Happy

Donegal's Happy video made Pharrell Williams cry

He cried because he was HAPPY. D’ye see?

THE VIRAL RECREATIONS of Pharrell’s Happy video can cheer up even the grumpiest old curmudgeon, so it’s no surprise that Pharrell himself isn’t immune to their charms.

The singer appeared on Oprah Prime, which airs on Oprah’s OWN network, where he was shown a compilation of Happy videos from around the world.

And yes, he was wearing the hat.

Donegal’s Happy video was chosen to represent Ireland, and appears around 36 seconds into the compilation (unfortunately dear Oprah decided to speak to Pharrell at just that moment).

At the end of the video Pharrell had a good old sob, saying: “I have no idea why I’m crying.” We do, Pharrell. It’s cos you’re HAPPEEEEEEEE.

Luckily, Oprah had tissues handy.

Damianm / YouTube

To refresh your memory, here’s the famed Donegal Is Happy video – the part that appears on Oprah starts at 32 seconds in and ends after the butchers do their thang:

DonegalTV / YouTube

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