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double meaning

Phil Neville demonstrated the dangers of Google Translate with this embarrassing tweet

That doesn’t mean what you think it does, Phil.

TWEETING IN ENGLISH can be hard enough.

But tweeting in a foreign language? Ill-advised.

Earlier today, former Manchester United player Phil Neville greeted his followers with a morning message.

Neville, who is currently working as an assistant coach for Valencia, wanted to impress his followers more, though, and attempted to translate the tweet into Spanish.

CJynXz0W8AATLNd paalpot75 / Twitter paalpot75 / Twitter / Twitter

Unfortunately for Philip, though, that translation was a little too literal and meant something entirely different.


Panicked fans tried to hint to Neville that it might not have come across as he intended.

Neville has since deleted the tweet, but may it serve as a warning to you all about the perils of Google Translate.

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