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10 little things that will always put the fear of God in any Irish person

Prepare to get uncomfortable.

IT’S THE LITTLE things that we fear the most.

1. The absolute unbridled horror of discovering this


2. Picking up your phone and seeing this


Jesus no.


3. Getting a glimpse of this on the TV


4. Coming across this on the road

Everything is in order but you’re almost certainly going to jail.

1609684_10152003798363001_671039594_n Source: An Garda Síochána Facebook

5. Seeing this on your classroom door

Leaving certificate exams. Pupils from Source: Photocall Ireland!

6. When these are brought out

Jesus, no. If accompanied by a tape player, you’re a cert for the Bleep test.

SCX-PE_j Source: Athleticstuff

7. This classroom horror

It was just a waiting game of when your teacher was going to slam it against the board.

classroom_supplies_duster_wiper_for_chalkboard_wood_1088 Source: Tjskl

8. Have MERCY

wooden-spoon Source: theclotheslineie

9. If your nanny gave you one of these, you know you had something big coming up

il_340x270.568319090_68oj Source: Etsy

10. Ah shite, they’re out again

B1RlYSzIUAAiwRx Source: Top Dog

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