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Pixar Movies: An Important and Official Ranking


IT’S ALMOST A given – you see the Pixar lamp, and you know you’re in for two hours of solid entertainment.

But which Pixar film comes out on top? We’ve taken all 15 of them into consideration, and ranked them from worst to best.

15/14. Cars and Cars 2

carsposte Source: MoviePoster.com

The two Cars films are probably the most kid-friendly of all the Pixar films, so maybe we shouldn’t judge. But seriously, Pixar can and have done better.

13. Monsters University

monstersu Source: Wikia

Of all things Monsters Inc-related, no one wanted a prequel. That means there’s no Boo. No Boo, no love. And why set a children’s movie in a university? *shakes head*

tumblr_mk3wc705mN1rh58ldo1_500 Source: Tumblr

12. A Bug’s Life

a bug's life Source: Wikia

Released in 1998, A Bug’s Life is a grand film that will always live in the shadow of Toy Story. So much so that this fact was referenced in the gag reel for Toy Story 2. Soz, Flik and Heimlich.

11. Ratatouille

affiche-ratatouille-06 Source: Pixar

Despite the fact that it won the Oscar for Best Animated Picture, we all seem to forget about Ratatouille (some people might also be put off by the thought of a rat in a kitchen). It’s nice, but well, we’re not rushing out to buy it on DVD.

10. Toy Story 3

toystory3 Source: Movieposter

Toy Story 3 is good, and we certainly shed a tear or three (or four or five) at the end, but it never reaches the heights of its predecessors.

Plus, the fact that they’re making Toy Story 4 cancels out any ‘Last ever Toy Story!’ feels we may have had for it.

tumblr_mvfraknwCE1siiiglo1_500 Source: Tumblr

9. The Incredibles

the-incredibles-poster-artwork-craig-t-nelson-holly-hunter-samuel-l-jackson Source: MoviePosterArtworkFinder

Often overlooked, but we really shouldn’t discount The Incredibles. It’s probably not as inventive as other Pixar films (considering the superhero thing has been done to death by now) but the crime-fighting family does provide some warm fuzzy feelings.

8. Brave

brave-movie-poster1 Source: Collider

The first Pixar film to have a female lead? Cool! A plotline that doesn’t involve said female lead falling in love? Great! Brave adds an essential bit of girl power to the lineup, and it’s well worth a watch.

7. Inside Out

insideout Source: Impawards

How in the name of god is this considered to be a children’s film? Sure, it’s funny and colourful, but it is HEAVY. We’ll need to properly psych ourselves up for a rewatch.

giphy Source: Giphy

giphy Source: Giphy

6. Wall-E

wallefinal Source: Pixartalk

Probably the first Pixar film to appeal more to adults than children, Wall-E addressed issues like consumerism and the environment, all the while making you truly feel for a lonely robot picking up rubbish in space. Our hearts.

5. Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo (2003) 2 Source: Fontsinuse

OK, let’s list just some of the wonderful characters in this film: Dory, for starters, but also Crush the sea turtle, Jacques the French shrimp, Bruce the vegetarian shark, the “YOU GUYS MADE ME INK!” baby octopus. And there are SO many more. Finding Nemo is so quotable, and such a delight.

tumblr_inline_mgy8iu6vgy1rr2zps Source: Tumblr

4. Monsters, Inc

Monsters,_Inc._-_Poster Source: Wikia

Pixar seriously stepped up their animating game to create the furry, slimy, and scaly creatures in Monsters Inc – the film itself is super sweet and funny, packing in some jokes for adults while still being kid-friendly. MIKE WAZOWSKI!

3. Up

up_ver2 Source: Impawards

Up has everything: An unlikely friendship, a love story, a quest, and an adorable talking dog. That opening scene will never stop being devastating, and we say this after multiple viewings.

squirrel-up-dog-gif Source: Photobucket

2. Toy Story

toy-story-poster Source: Disney

The one that started it all, and very close to being the best Pixar film of all time. For a certain generation, Tom Hanks will always be Woody first (and the lad from Castaway second).

The Mrs Nesbitt scene? Comedy genius. Never forget that.

1. Toy Story 2

toy-story-2-5275e1f63a9f3 Source: Fanart

Toy Story 2 is better than Toy Story. Stay with us.

Buzz and Woody being pals is SO much more fun than Buzz and Woody at war, which was the whole premise of the first film. Add to that a more focused plot, tons of jokes, and the wonderful Jesse, and we just have a better film all round. Fact.

tumblr_lueyn7vyA51r54gvgo1_500-1445014108 Source: MTV

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