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The 10 most important pizza posts on Tumblr this year
2014 was a good year for pizza online.

THIS IS IMPORTANT, important work.

Tumblr has revealed its top pizza-related posts for 2014. Feast your eyes, and then wait for Dominos (or A.N. Other pizza place) to open.

We feel that feel

heart F*ck Yeah Existentialism on Tumblr F*ck Yeah Existentialism on Tumblr

Pizza Princess

prin Foxadhd on Tumblr Foxadhd on Tumblr

“None pizza with left beef”

bobe The Ancient Hawaiians Used To Say on Tumblr The Ancient Hawaiians Used To Say on Tumblr

Pizza and Recreation

tumblr_mz5x7wNqZX1qk08n1o1_500 Brice Sander on Tumblr Brice Sander on Tumblr



A perfectly looping, neverending GIF

piz Sheepfilms on Tumblr Sheepfilms on Tumblr

Good guy Brad Pitt

brad Yahoo Entertainment on Tumblr Yahoo Entertainment on Tumblr

The future of pizza ordering


p2 Northgang on Tumblr Northgang on Tumblr


order undared on Tumblr undared on Tumblr

Us too

ki arashinoatoniji on Tumblr arashinoatoniji on Tumblr

9 dogs who just really want one tiny slice of your pizza, okay?

Lad throws a pizza into the oven from all the way across the street

What Your Pizza Order Actually Says About You