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PLAY: A ludicrously addictive 8-bit Saved by the Bell game on YouTube

An 8-bit representation of Zack, Kelly, Screech, Jessie and company is the latest YouTube smash. Fancy a go?

THERE ARE FEW things that can make someone feel old than a reminder of just how long it has been since older TV shows stopped being made.

Have you realised, for example, that it’s been seven years since the last episode of Friends? Or that Melissa Joan Hart – far from being a Teenage Witch or Explaining It All – is now a 35-year-old mother of two?

Well, here’s another one to make you feel like you’re behind on your pension payments: it has now been 18 years since the last episode in the original, pre-spinoff series of Saved By The Bell.

But, as with any beloved series, the adventures of Zach, Screech, Kelly and company have still retained their fans – and has now been reincarnated in an extraordinarily creative series of YouTube videos which together form an interactive video game.

We won’t spoil the plot for you. Suffice to say, it’s a whole lot of 8-bit goodness that will throw a bazooka at your productivity. With that mind mind, if your local equivalent of Mr Belding is around, you may want to leave this until later…

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