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7 pointless things everyone does while they're on the phone

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ONCE UPON A time, if you were on the phone you were stationary.  There wasn’t much you could do as you remained in one spot playing with the telephone cord.

These days, you could be doing almost anything while you have the chats, and most of us have a favoured activity.  Some people will be productive and put a wash on or the like, but most people do something entirely pointless.

Here are 7 pointless things people do while they’re on the phone – see if you can identify which one is you.


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If you have a pen in your hand, you’re almost definitely doodling.  It might be your name over and over again, a series of squiggly lines, a load of cubes or some other pointless scribble.  We’re not going to psychoanalyse it, don’t worry, but if you do this, you’re not alone.



If someone were to look at you through soundproof glass they’d be sure you were having a passionate and difficult conversation, in truth, you’re probably talking about what you’re going to have for dinner.

You’re walking, but you’re not going anywhere.


shouting Flickr / James Cridland Flickr / James Cridland / James Cridland

You’re in a busy place, on the phone to someone who is some distance away from you in the same busy place.  You can see them, but the only way to hear them is to stay on the phone.  You wave at them, basking in the gasness of the scenario, increasing the volume of your voice until you are bellowing down the phone.  Why?  Completely pointless.


JohnE5 gestures to make a point on the phone. Thirteen Of Clubs Thirteen Of Clubs

They can’t see you, so why are you using your hands to demonstrate the directions you’re trying to give them?  Try stopping yourself from doing this – its virtually impossible.

Crouching down in a loud place

crouch Flickr / Between a Rock Flickr / Between a Rock / Between a Rock

This is not a behaviour engaged in by everyone, but you’ve undoubtedly seen it.  Perhaps you’re at a loud gig and you see someone answer their phone.  Rather than walking out to accept what is undoubtedly a crucial conversation, they crouch down and put their finger in their open ear.

Sit in the car

inside Shutterstock Shutterstock

You’ve been having a chat with someone on the phone for the duration of your car journey (hands free, of course), but when you arrive at your destination you stay in your car until the conversation is over. This would make sense if it was a very important, top secret conversation but frequently it isn’t.  You know your phone is mobile, right?

Attempting to have a conversation with someone else

shutterstock_150292886 This woman has the right idea. Shutterstock Shutterstock

You stand there mouthing words and gesturing at someone beside you while the person on the other end of the phone chatters on.  The person beside you can never understand what you’re saying, ever.  Give it up, my son.  One conversation at a time.

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