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This police officer had too much fun posting selfies from a girl's missing iPhone
He was trying to reunite her with her phone, OK?

MELBOURNE WOMAN Bella Crooke lost her phone on a night out last week, and it was handed in to the local police station in Albury.

The police decided to reunite her with her phone (and teach her a lesson on security) by taking selfies and posting them on Crooke’s Facebook page.

Bella Crooke - Mobile Uploads | Facebook Facebook / Belle Crooke Facebook / Belle Crooke / Belle Crooke

Here’s the caption:

You should probably put a password on your phone. When you are ready to pick it up it will be at Albury police station.

The officers also couldn’t resist having some pun fun with the phone:

cellphone2 Facebook / Bella Crooke Facebook / Bella Crooke / Bella Crooke

And they even texted some of Crooke’s mates:

phonetext Facebook / Bella Crooke Facebook / Bella Crooke / Bella Crooke

“I get paid to hang here.” OMG.

We know what you’re thinking – but Albury Police Inspector Anthony Moodie said there was “no issue” with officers using the phone to track down its owner.

“It doesn’t surprise me the creative ways they come up with in getting property back to the owners,” he told the Border Mail.

Crooke didn’t seem too bothered about it anyway, calling the officers “legends in blue”.

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