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Police shut down these little girls' lemonade stand, because joy is illegal

Who would call the cops on a pair of little girls? Who?

ANDRIA AND ZOEY Green are not even 10 years old – and they’ve already had their first run in with the police.

The sisters from Overton, Texas had set up a lemonade stand outside their house in the hopes of raising money for their dad’s Father’s Day present. Sweet, no?

lemonade stand Source: YouTube

It was all going very well – until the police showed up and shut them down. Er, what?

According to USA Today, the two girls had broken a Texas law that says you can’t sell certain foods without a health permit.

Seven-year-old Andria, now a hardened criminal, said:

I’m a little confused. We were doing just fine until the cops came. They shut us down.

Source: USA TODAY/YouTube

“This was such an innocent endeavour that turned into all kinds of government red tape,” said a neighbour.

“It is upsetting, especially since I saw how hard the girls were working out in the heat.”

The sisters figured out a way to get around the police, though – by handing out the lemonade for free. Kudos, girls. A life of crime awaits you.

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