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13 of the most mortifying photo ops in the history of Irish politics

“This activity should play well with the young folk.”

DOING AWKWARD PHOTO shoots is all part of the job as a politician – but sometimes they take it to the next level and into cringe.

They can’t help it – putting themselves into situations that they think will make them look like serious craic, but often does the exact opposite:

1. Paschal Donohue looking incredibly awkward in a cowboy hat


We know he can’t play that guitar as well.

2. A suit is hardly proper attire for boxing

Irish General Election Source: PA Archive/Press Association Images

“He’ll work up quite a sweat!”

Oh wait, it’s a completely fake fight staged for the cameras. Gas, though.

3. This dance move to end all dance moves


"I get down with the kids."

4. Trying on various types of shoes to be GAS

Irish General Election Source: Julien Behal

Any excuse for a photo op.

5. The boxing headgear and suit combo is set to come back in for A/W 2015

aengus Source: Julien Behal/PA Wire

6. Politicians dancing in public should be banned

enda shuffle Source: RTÉ

7. It will never, ever end well

joan dance 2 Source: RTÉ

Especially when everyone else around you has their moves coordinated.

joan dance 1.gif Source: RTÉ

8. That ball is not within Leo's control

Everyone else there is balancing it just fine.

9. Word up to all my Mayo peeps

Adroll Jobs Announcements Source: Laura Hutton/Photocall Ireland

#selfie #nofilter #bossman

10. Serious craic to be had here


General Elections Campaigns Results Source: Eamonn Farrell/Photocall Ireland

What if he was left hanging? The shame that would have brought. A risky high five.

12. We do not know if this was a success

13. And finally, the majesty of our Taoiseach chasing a goose

enda-7 Source: Leon Farrell/Photocall Ireland

For reasons related to being gas, no doubt.

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