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Tweet Sweeper: Who "pooped a little" in bed this week?

All the best of the week’s tweets from famous people.

REMEMBER THE GUY who got intimate with an apple pie in teen flick American Pie? Well, his name was Jason Biggs and he revealed this week on Twitter that he had, um, a little accident in bed. Single-handedly redefining the term “TMI” there, Jason. Nice job.

And as for this response to Jason from Orange Is The New Black actor Matt McGorry…

We can totally relate, Amy. With the dog, that is

Source: journal-fiona

Ah yes, your LIZARD brain, of course

Yep. Whatever you say Lil babes

Brian McFadden reacts to the news of Paul Walker’s untimely passing. RIP Paul

Us too, Miley. US TOO

Russell Brand gives Olympic diver Tom Daley props for coming out

Oh, Ru. Be our friend please?

Katy Perry delivering some #realtalk smackdowns

Sinead of B*Witched gives fellow pop stars Blue some words of encouragement

This is just nonsense and we didn’t need to “free our minds” to notice that

No comment

Peace YO!

We’d be #grateful if you spelled it “definitely” Nialler

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