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Dawson's Creek

18 events from 2003 to make you feel ancient

Watching The Panel and Cabin Fever, and listening to The Darkness. What an odd year.

THIS WEEKEND SEES Beyoncé’s still-amazing single Crazy in Love turn ten years old (!)

This information has sent us reeling and reminded us of the heady days of 2003 when the pop culture landscape seemed very different.

Don’t believe us? Here’s why.

1. David Beckham’s hair looked like this

Every young fella going was still copying Becks and his hairstyle at the time so this threw many of them off.

Tim Ockenden/PA Archive/Press Association Images

2.  Finding Nemo was a new and exciting prospect

2003 was the year that gave us the still amazing Pixar gem Finding Nemo.

The sequel is due in 2015 but in ten years Finding Nemo has barely aged at all.

FilmTrailersChannel / YouTube

3.  The Panel debuted

Doug Peters/Doug Peters/EMPICS Entertainment

It was a staple of Irish TV for years and 2003 was when The Panel appeared.

Before Dara O’Briain became a huge star in the UK he had The Panel to remind us just how funny he was.

Don’t forget us over here in Ireland Dara.

4. Jordan looked like this

Now she’s better known as Katie Price and for having a trillion TV shows but in 2003 Jordan would regularly turn up the in the papers doing things like this:

Doug Peters/Doug Peters/EMPICS Entertainment

5. Cheryl Cole was in a spot of bother

Cheryl Cole was then called Cheryl Tweedy and in 2003 was accused of racially aggravated assault.

She was eventually charged with assault but the court agreed it was not racially motivated.

Cheryl was given 120 hours of community service for her troubles but we’re more concerned about what she was doing with her hair in 2003:

Ian West/PA Archive/Press Association Images

6. Mickey Joe Harte was representing us at Eurovision

After winning You’re A Star Mickey Joe Harte took We’ve Got the World to Eurovision 2003 and did us all proud.

(Even if he didn’t win)

eurovisionairtv/ YouTube

7. Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Dawson’s Creek ended

And you were devo.

via GifSoup


8. But you replaced them with The O.C.

You filled the void in your teen drama life by becoming obsessed with all things Seth Cohen and co.

via UpRoxx

9. R. Kelly’s Ignition (Remix) was your jam

In fact, it still is.

XDHardStyleXD / YouTube

10. Britney and Christina gave Madonna a kiss

JULIE JACOBSON/AP/Press Association Images

Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera continued to be bitter rivals and even had that infamous kiss with Madonna at the VMAs.

You wouldn’t get Rihanna and Katy Perry doing that (Well, you probably would).

11. People were mad about Nokias

Including one of 2003′s most exciting models, the 3200:

via Nokia And Tech

12. We loved reality TV

Big Brother 4 wasn’t the most memorable series but it still has us gripped during the summer of 2003 and it did mark the debut of Ray Shah.

Doug Peters/EMPICS Entertainment

And there was also Channel 4′s kind of ridiculous The Salon which was as if Big Brother had been placed into (you guessed it) a salon.

It’s cast included Ricardo who certainly sported some “interesting” fashion choices:

Guy Levy/ /Guy Levy/EMPICS Entertainment

13.  The Darkness were a thing

We thought they’d be around forever.

At least we’ll always have this:

joefrederick / YouTube

14. RTE had a new show called Cabin Fever

It was all about making everyday folk sail a boat around Ireland.

At one point the ship crashed and they had to replace it but they trucked on until the end and Elaine Power scooped the top prize.

Very inspiring stuff altogether.


15. We laughed at two fresh new British comedies

2003 gave us the beginnings of two British comedy classics in Peep Show and Little Britain.

Catriona Conroy / YouTube

16. This song was basically everywhere

sunlocdong / YouTube

Back when we thought the Black Eyed Peas would just have one big hit and leave us alone

We were wrong.

17. We went to see lots of sequels at the cinema

The Lord of the Rings : Return of the King wrapped up the big budget trilogy but we also had X-Men 2, two Matrix sequels (Remember when that was something to be excited about?), Terminator 3, the third American Pie movie and Bad Boys II.

Osku / YouTube

18. We spent most of 2003 grooving to this

Still a tune in fairness:

emimusic / YouTube

WARNING: These things are likely to make you feel old>

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