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Little porcupine makes the most adorable noise when it's tickled

It giggles. We swear it does.

OK, SO PRICKLY porcupines don’t exactly have the best reputation as cute, friendly animals. But did you know they make the most adorable noises when tickled? Because they do.

This video from 2012 which is just starting to do the rounds now, which is strange because it’s the most amazing thing ever. Really.

Source: Patrick Kobylarz/YouTube

The uploader says:

I tickled him with a yard stick, he hung around for about 15 minutes afterwards then strolled off into the woods.


If you were concerned that the porcupine was scared and not enjoying the little tickles, don’t worry – this YouTube commenter explains:

porcupine tickles

Aw. We’re glad, because it sure sounded like it was having a great time.

via Buzzfeed

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