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8 reasons why Ireland needs poutine right now

This Canadian dish needs to make it across the Atlantic sharpish.

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POUTINE IS A glorious Canadian delicacy that needs to make its way to Ireland – and anyone who has tasted it will tell you as much.

Sure, there are a couple of places that nobly serve us poutine in Ireland – but it needs to go nationwide. Here’s why:

1. It’s the most delicious combination of chips, gravy and cheese curds

Poutine Source: oldandsolo

Cheese curds? Yes:

Cheese curds in cuisine, or cooking, are the solid parts of soured milk either eaten alone or used in various regional dishes, mostly in eastern Canada and the northeastern and midwestern United States. They are sometimes referred to as “squeaky cheese”.

Sound delicious? Maybe not, but when you taste the poutine combination you will be converted to curds for the rest of your life.

2. Poutine is a beloved national dish of Canada

poutine2333 Source: Instagram

If it can take over a whole country, we deserve it here too.

3. And Irish people living in Canada deserve to get it when they come home

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You don’t want to go too long without it, you see.

4. The toppings can get pretty epic

routine Source: Instagram


5. The gravy is something special

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We do good gravy here in Ireland, but this might just be next level stuff.

6. Canadians love it so much they made it into a crisp flavour

poutine22 Source: Instagram

Is there any greater honour that can be bestowed upon a food?

7. There are no rules with poutine

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Anything goes. Seriously, pile it up high and as long as it contains chips, gravy and curds it will be poutine.

8. We can’t just make it ourselves

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With other dishes you desire, you can just get the raw ingredients and make it yourself – but with poutine that just isn’t possible as there are no cheese curds available in Ireland. You can try and manufacture nice cheese balls of some sort but you will fail. Nothing matches the curd. We’ll be needing some saint to import these en masse soon to make homemade poutine a possibility.

Poutine needs to go nationwide in Ireland. The campaign starts now.

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