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This husband has been pranking his wife with the same photo/video joke for years

The classic switch.

yearsand Source: YouTube

YOU KNOW ON a night out when someone takes a video instead of a photo and thinks it’s absolutely gas craic.

Well, this husband has been doing it to his wife for years – and his video evidence of it has now gone super viral.

Florin Mehedinti is always the cameraman for his wife Gracie when they’re out and about

yearsand1 Source: YouTube

But, of course, he’s had it on video mode the entire time

awkward1 Source: YouTube

He’s captioned his YouTube video:

Wife asks for photo, wife gets video instead. Guy lucky to still have wife

He even does it when her friends are around

waitagain Source: YouTube

Since his viral success, he told The Huffington Post:

She loves photos – and more specifically me taking photos of her. She does these hilarious poses that are just the best when captured on video.

He’s even at it on nights out too

waitagain2 Source: Youtube

It turns out that he also ends up actually taking real photos as well:

I’m still the friend people ask to take photos. I guess it might be because I still do take the photo after all, I’m not some cruel monster who only does videos.

Well, that’s a relief.

The internet applauds his prank work

family Source: YouTube

Chancing his arm with the in-laws there though.

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