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The 15 stages of a typical Irish predrinks

It’s undoubtedly the highlight of every single night out.

FOR SEVERAL REASONS, including the ridiculous pricing of alcohol in this country, predrinking has undeniably become a part of our culture. This week a study revealed that 85% of people in Ireland predrink. Let’s appreciate a couple of the unique things about predrinking in Ireland:

1. The excitement of getting ready

2. When you get there, making sure you get a new profile picture or at the very least an Instagram while you still look presentable

3. The one person who has a mam that always has to get in on the action

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 4. The very delicate art of trying to keep it lit, but also trying to think about which of the best songs you need to save until everyone arrives

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5. The slow progression from only playing very cool and current songs to roaring Natalie Imbruglia’s ‘Torn’ in each other’s faces in a very dramatic and cheesy manner

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6. When you start realizing that you’re fairly drunk

7. Everyone casually ignoring the one person who wants to get last bus in at 11pm who doesn’t want to spend money on a taxi

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8. When someone changes song in the middle of the banger that you were enjoying

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9. The pure shite talk that goes on

10. The really weird stuff you find yourself doing after a few cans

11. The one friend who you always trust to pick amazing songs

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12. Then that one friend who gets the aux cord and everyone’s like “Should we call a taxi now?”

13. Then the moment of truth where you need to decide whether or not you want to break the seal before you leave

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14. The fact that it’s the very best part of the whole night

When it comes to chats and music, you’re pretty much guaranteed that it’s all downhill from the moment you leave the house.

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15. Unless you manage to get one of those amazing taxi drivers who let you plug your phone in

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