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This mam is going viral for making her twin girls an awesome Princess Hulk birthday cake

Because you can like both princesses AND the Hulk.

LEONIE ELTON IS a mother of twin girls living in Toronto, Canada.

Her daughters, who turned four recently, love princesses and superheroes, especially the Hulk. Because why not?

Lainie Elton - Cover Photos | Facebook Source: Facebook/Lainie Elton

When Elton asked the girls what kind of cake they wanted for their birthday, they combined their two passions and came up with: Princess Hulk.

So naturally, she made them a Princess Hulk cake.

5vXQxz4 Source: Imgur

Elton posted the finished cake to Imgur, where it quickly began to go viral – she told the Huffington Post that she never meant it to be a statement about gender stereotypes, but she’s happy to “contribute to that conversation”:

It feels pretty great that I can somehow contribute to that conversation in some way since I’m fully supportive of kids being able to make decisions about what they play with, what they wear, etc, with no regard to whether something is ‘meant’ for girls or boys.

“Like any four-year-olds, their interests typically last about five minutes, so we try to capture those moments whenever we can,” she said.

Go mom! And go Princess Hulk.

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