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This man's birthday present will turn every Pringles fan green with envy

Pringles goals. #Pringoals

KNOW A LOVED one with a fondness for Pringles and a birthday coming up? Read on for some serious gift inspiration.

One day, this guy happened to mention in conversation that “it would be amazing to have a picnic and have a whole bunch of cans of Pringles to choose from”. (Why haven’t we ever thought of this?)

When his birthday rolled around, his wife and friend surprised him with more Pringles flavours than we ever knew existed.

SMF6Jo8 Source: Imgur

Flavours like “Mango Salsa” and “Memphis BBQ”.

JTDbt1L Source: Imgur


GoXRrkb Source: Imgur

Pizza-flavoured Pringles, ketchup-flavoured Pringles, cheese burger-flavoured Pringles… a veritable feast for the senses.

7hueka0 Source: Imgur

And he wasn’t treated to just savoury Pringles…

That’s right — there are sweet Pringles.

SQM2RGG Source: Imgur

Finally, he was given a selection of exotic Japanese Pringles, which were odd, if enjoyable.

Some strange names and concepts…but very enjoyable. We have American Caesar Salad, Party Chicken, Consomme, Mustard Nugget Sauce, Eggs Benedict ( which also belongs in my favorites section ), Green Curry, Butter and Soy Sauce, and Wasabi Mayo.

twTIJWI (1) Source: Imgur

But it didn’t end there…

His wife also designed a Pringles Passport for him to stamp all the flavours he has tried.


tKNhkxt Source: Imgur

fsmSYMl Source: Imgur

And here’s the poor lad in a post-Pringles stupor.

uDbSei4 (1) Source: Imgur

BRB, bookmarking this and sending it to all our loved ones before our next birthday.

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