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Prisoner can't resist selfie with marijuana plant he snuck into prison...
… despite the fact that it resulted in it getting taken away.

MARCIN ZENDARSKI IS in prison in Austria and he clearly knows how to work the system.

Not only did he manage to smuggle in a smartphone, he also managed to get some cannabis seeds and grow a marijuana plant in his cell.  He grew a marijuana plant in his cell.  Incredible, right?

You would think someone who managed to get away with that would be pretty smart, but alas, his smarts do not extend to resisting the pull of the selfie.

Zendarski was so delighted with his work that he took a selfie with his plant and posted it on Facebook.  According to Metro, the image flew around the internet and it was no time before the prison officials did a major search of cells for contraband.

The other prisoners were not impressed, and as a result Zendarski is now under special watch after receiving threats from other prisoners.

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