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This Irish guy's new profile pic was so hipster his friends turned it into a gas meme

And now he’s become a viral sensation.

ivorfb3 Source: Facebook

IVOR NOYEK IS a Cork man who currently lives in New York – and he’s had quite a week.

Last Sunday night, he thought he would change his profile picture on Facebook.

Nothing strange about that, but the one he picked was a little more hipster than he’d normally go for

profileivor Source: Facebook

Sunglasses on, distant empty road stretching out behind him – this was pure Americana.

Once his friends spotted it though, they started having some fun

ivorfb1 Source: Tumblr

They put Ivor into all sorts of situations – and it’s been chronicled on a Tumblr called Ivor is Coming

ivorfb2 Source: Tumblr

It looks like this is a lesson in not getting too notion-y with your profile picture

ivorgif Source: Tumblr

Because you might just become a seriously gas meme

reservoirivor Source: Tumblr

Ivor seems to be taking it well though, he did an interview with iRadio last night about his new found internet fame 

zooey Source: Tumblr

We now have a new internet hero

On an unintentional quest to break the internet

paper Source: Tumblr

What other situations will he find himself in? Follow it all on the Tumblr here.

Kudos to Ivor’s mates – who took a good joke and ran with it.

hat-tip Mashable

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