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Watch English and Australian people try to pronounce Bláthnaid, Oisín and Meadbh

Basically, no one outside of Ireland knows how to say our names.

LAST WEEK, THE folks at Buzzfeed had a terrible, terrible time trying to pronounce traditional Irish names like Caoimhe, Tadhg and Róisín.

Here’s one guy refusing to accept the correct pronunciation of Niamh:


You’d think people living a bit closer to us would have a better idea, right? Wrong.

Irish YouTuber Clisare tasked some blogger friends from England and Australia with pronouncing some even trickier (to the untrained eye) Irish names, like Bláthnaid, Oisín, and Meadbh.

Source: Clisare/YouTube

Game of Thrones fans will appreciate the great attempt at decoding the name ‘Saoirse’: “Seersh… Sorsh… Cersei?”

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